Why You Need A Top San Diego DUI Lawyer?


Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol in San Diego can be harsh, but causing bodily injury to another while drunk driving is an enhancement to the standard DUI charge and can mean increased fines and possible jail time.  So it is imperative that you hire a top San Diego DUI lawyer who devotes a significant amount of his practice to defending DUI cases and who is familiar with the often complex California DUI laws. Certain things that a top DUI lawyer could do in your defense may include:

  • Obtaining the dispatch tapes recording the arresting officer’s words prior to and during the traffic stop or accident response. These can help your attorney determine exactly what was said about the accident at the time and also help confirm the exact time of the accident.
  • Establishing with the police officer what time the accident occurred.  Many police officers put the time of accident as the time that they were dispatched to the scene. If this what occurred in your case then your DUI lawyer might be able to establish doubt as to the exact time of the accident, possibly invalidating the breathalyzer test which must be performed within 3 hours of the defendant driving.
  • File for a motion to suppress if a field sobriety tests were conducted on the defendant after a car accident.  An experienced lawyer will no that the observed lack of coordination or unsteadiness could easily have been caused by having just been in a car accident.
  • Force the state to prove that you were definitely intoxicated while driving the vehicle.  If the defendant had been alone for any time after the accident but before the police arrived then the driver had an opportunity to drink after the event.
  • Show that an unusually high number of accidents happen at the scene of your accident if your accident occurred on one of the certain roads and intersections that can be accident hotspots in San Diego County.  A good DUI lawyer might try to show that your accident and subsequent arrest may not have been caused by your intoxication, but rather it was bad road design that caused the accident and arrest.
  • A DUI attorney will use his or her local knowledge to assist you in your case.  Being local to the area where you had your DUI accident  they will likely be very familiar with the particular road or intersection where you crashed. By visiting the scene and becoming very familiar with what happened in the accident he can ask very detailed questions of the arresting officer and possibly show that some of the officer’s observations or assumptions are incorrect.
  • There are many blood test defense tactics and breathalyser test defense tactics that a top DUI attorney will know.  Blood samples require accurate documentation of the chain of custody and if that is incomplete or any other small procedural error is made then a good DUI lawyer will try to suppress your blood sample as evidence.

These are just a few of the ways that a good San Diego DUI lawyer can help you beat your DUI charge.  No matter how bleak your chances may look to the less experienced hiring the right experienced and trial wise  San Diego DUI lawyer will improve your chances of winning your case.