What Are The Family Mediation Standards?


Family and divorce mediation is a method in which a third party resolves the family dispute. This is done by promoting the participants’ voluntary agreement. The third party i.e. mediator assist the communication and encourages understanding between participants. Mediator tries to focus on the  individual interest of both the parties involved in the dispute. Mediator together with participant find options, make decisions and reach an agreement.

‘Family mediation’ (also known as ‘familienrechtliche mediation’ in the German language) is the best way of dispute resolution between families who are in conflict. Mediation is a great option for many families because of the options given below:


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  •    Mediation process increases the self-determination of the participants
  •    It increases participants ability to communicate
  •    The economic and emotional costs linked with family dispute resolution are reduced.

The family mediator that you choose should be well qualified, experienced for an effective mediation.

The conclusion of the dispute is based on sufficient factual data. The mediator also tries to find out the family’s history that includes domestic abuse or child abuse.

The three major functions of ‘divorce and family mediation’(also known as ‘scheidung und familienmediation’ in the German language) include:

family mediation

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  • Act as a guide for the conduct of family mediators
  • Telling mediation participant about some expected result
  • Enhancing public confidence in mediation for resolving a family dispute.You can even click here to get more information related to family mediation.

There are different levels of guidance in model standards such as:

The term ‘May’ in a standard indicates the lowest strength of guidance. It further relates to a practice that family mediator adopts but it can deviate from good professional judgment.

The term ‘shall’ is rarely used in a standard. This shows that the mediator should not have the discretion to leave from the practice.