Gynecomastia – Know the Causes and Cures


How many of you are aware of this term “Gynecomastia”? NOT MANY……

But this is the high time that people shall aware of Gynecomastia.

GYNECOMASTIA…..It is a disease; it is referred to the anomalous enlargement of mammary glands in males giving them female-like breasts. Normally, this sort of condition is not physically painful but is quite problematic to live with for males. Men suffering from such type of condition often undergo psychological apprehension and social stress because they feel that their condition makes them physically deplorable in the society.

Protruding breast tissue in males can even be an indication of a more significant underlying health problem. Whatever the cause, most men are eager to find cures for this condition. So what are the causes and cures?

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Abnormally enlarged breast tissue in males is usually attributed to an imbalance of sex hormones but in reality the underlying cause is generally unknown. What is known is that the condition often presents itself during puberty and old age. For the most part, when it occurs during puberty, males often grow out of this phase and the mammary glands seems to shrink to a more normal and acceptable size.

There are many treatment plans for guys who deal with abnormally prominent breasts. The only real true cure of gynecomastia should be to diagnose and treat the underlying condition. In so doing, the breast enlargement which occurred as a side effect, will in all probability be reduced or eliminated.

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Surgery options might include liposuction, reduction mammoplasty, and gland excision or a mix of any one of these. An individual should consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to go over these surgical options. It can also be important to note that most insurance companies don’t cover these plastic surgery procedures claiming that they are purely cosmetic.

If a surgery or cure cannot be obtained, men do successfully reside in society by utilizing compression garments designed to full cover up overly prominent breasts in men.